We need highly involved alumni who as students gained a great deal of “ETSU Knowledge.”  That knowledge from your involvement and leadership roles makes alumni the best people to talk to prospective students, their families and school leaders that will be involved with the decision process of where that student will further their education.


With the deluge of media sources, students see ETSU in different ways.  The most important way remains the personal touch that you can help us provide.  That contact you may add fills a needed role for ETSU to reach qualified candidates and identify others that may find us as a perfect match!


We have more news – ETSU has new scholarship packages and other existing programs that top students will find attractive.  One program reaches a 250-mile radius reaching more student than ever before.  The student prospects will definitely have an interest in that news.


We need a little of your time.  The tasks will be simple in execution but great in impact.  Would you want to attend a local college-recruiting event?  Make phone calls?  How about a personal visit over coffee with students or talking to guidance counselors about ETSU?


Alumni interested in being involved in this program should contact the alumni office by email or phone: (423) 439-4218. 


In the Admissions Central section there are links to a variety of alumni admissions interests. Want to refer a new or returning potential student? 


Each fall, as part of homecoming activities, many distinguished alumni return to campus to participate as "Professor for a Day." This unique program, growing in popularity, benefits students and guest professors alike. Visiting alumni from a variety of career backgrounds have an opportunity to share their insights about the working world, career options, and trends in the workforce, and to offer suggestions to students as they prepare for their careers. Alumni interested in being involved in this program should contact the alumni office by email or phone: (423) 439-4218. 


International Friendship Program gives international students a warm welcome.


More international students are choosing to attend East Tennessee State University, and when many arrive in this country, they are exhausted from long flights and are looking for friendly faces.


In 2006, with the support of the ETSU International Programs Office, Dr. Brent Morrow of the ETSU Department of Human Development and Learning turned his attention to making the transition to the university easier for international students.


Soliciting assistance from faculty and staff, Morrow established the International Friendship Program (IFP). The program continues to grow and placed 52 international students with local hosts for the current fall semester.


Host families are encouraged to meet guest students through e-mail to learn the time each student’s flight will arrive, give a cell phone number for contact information, and answer any questions.


The volunteer hosts greet students upon arrival at the airport and take them home for up to two nights, allowing the students time to recover from their travels and prepare to move into permanent housing. Next, the IFP hosts take students to ETSU where they register with the International Programs Office and take a tour of campus. Often, the hosts show the students around Johnson City and help with banking and other needs. They also provide a critical service by assisting with shopping so students can buy items necessary for their on- or off-campus housing.


The IFP volunteers check on their international students for the first month or two to ensure that adjustment is going well. Many continue their relationship with the students over a longer period of time by inviting them to spend holidays with the host family or going out to dine or shop.


For further information, contact Morrow at (423) 439-4187 or


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