Registration of ETSU Tartan

Founded in 1911, East Tennessee State University is dedicated to serving the citizens of Southern Appalachia. From its roots as a normal school committed to the education of teachers, ETSU has evolved into a dynamic university offering degrees in fields ranging from medicine to Appalachian studies. The university celebrated its centennial in 2011 with festivities throughout the year, many of which highlighted the Scottish traditions of the region. As the university prepared for its next one hundred years, it began exploring new ways to display its traditions, heritage, and culture. Under the leadership of the institution's first lady, ETSU marketing/merchandising and digital media faculty began work to create a tartan for the university. Ultimately, options for the new tartan were narrowed to three colorful patterns incorporating the traditional school colors along with newer, brighter shades. In the spirit of democracy, the three choices were presented to students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the community. The overwhelming winner of the voting process is now the school's official tartan.

ETSU, located in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee, has a natural affinity for tartans. The surrounding region was settled by immigrants from many lands, but those from Scotland and Ireland were perhaps the largest and most influential groups. The institution's mascot traces its roots to those brave individuals who fought on Kings Mountain in the struggle for our nation's independence, many of whom fought for freedom wearing tartans.

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