Mr. William Baxter Bledsoe (BFA '92, MFA '10) has been enlisted to create a series of 12 unique and collectible artworks to reflect his very popular "Centennial" painting that commemorated ETSU's first one hundred years. "The Reliquaries" consists of 12 paintings of popular campus landmarks. These images of the campus open the mind's door to images that appear throughout the campus landscape eliciting memories for all who have attended or maintain a special relationship with our region's university. 

Each of the oil paintings capture various campus images on 20" x 24" stretched canvas. They reflect existing structures and landscapes of ETSU throughout the various seasons. The collection serves as an exhibition of art that will communicate an appreciation for high art and its relationship with the university. Beyond the original work, a series of different products, such as numbered prints, calendars, etc. are expected to come from the additional paintings. Watch for more information on our ETSU media outlets.

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